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The following Oxfordshire Blue Plaques have been erected in the city and county. Biographical details are linked to the names below.

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Oxford City (MAP showing sites)

See the Wikipedia page for the Oxfordshire Blue Plaques Board for a table of all the plaques within the city that can be sorted by surname, date of birth/inception, or date of unveiling (just click the grey column headings, and click a second time if you want the most recent unveiling etc to appear first)

  • Sarah Angelina ACLAND (1849–1930), Photographer
    10 Park Town, Oxford
  • Andrea ANGEL (1877–1917), Oxford Chemist, Home Front Hero
    15 Banbury Road, Oxford
  • Ronnie BARKER (1929–2005), Actor and comedian
    23 Church Cowley Road, Oxford
  • Abel BEESLEY (1851–1921), Waterman and punting legend
    4 Upper Fisher Row, Oxford
  • Frank BELLAMY (1863–1936), Astronomer and philatelist, with his niece,
    Ethel BELLAMY
    (1881–1960), Seismologist, astronomer
    2 Winchester Road, Oxford
  • Richard Meux BENSON (1824–1915), Vicar of Cowley and benefactor, founder of the Society of
    St John the Evangelist

    Former Mission House, 16 Marston Street, Oxford
  • Sir Isaiah BERLIN (1909–1997), Historian of ideas
    Headington House, Old High Street, Headington, Oxford
  • Elizabeth BOWEN (1899–1973), Writer
    The Coach House, The Croft, Headington, Oxford
  • John Henry BROOKES (1891–1975), Artist, craftsman, educationist
    195 The Slade, Headington, Oxford
  • Edward BROOKS VC (1883–1944), Company Sergeant Major
    16 Windsor Street, Headington, Oxford
  • Rhoda BROUGHTON (1840–1920), Novelist
    “River View”, Headington Hill, Oxford
  • John Chessell BUCKLER (1793–1894), Artist, antiquarian, architect
    58 Holywell Street, Oxford
  • Jane BURDEN (Mrs William Morris) 1839–1914, Pre-Raphaelite Muse
    St Helen’s Passage, off New College Lane, Oxford
  • Violet BUTLER (1884–1982), Social reformer, social work trainer
    14 Norham Gardens, Oxford
  • Nirad C. CHAUDHURI (1897–1999), Writer
    20 Lathbury Road, Oxford
  • Captain Noel Godfrey CHAVASSE (1884–1917), V.C. and Bar
    Magdalen College School, Oxford
  • CHIANG Yee (1903–1977), Artist and writer
    28 Southmoor Road, Oxford
  • CIVIL WAR: Surrender of Oxford (1646)
    “Cromwell House”, 17 Mill Lane, Old Marston, Oxford
  • Thomas COMBE (1796–1872) and Martha COMBE (1806–1893),
    Founders of St Barnabas, philanthropists and patrons of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood
    St Barnabas’ Church, Jericho, Oxford
  • Sarah Jane COOPER (1848–1932), Marmalade maker
    83 High Street, Oxford
  • CUTTESLOWE WALLS (1934–1959)
    34 Aldrich Road, Oxford
  • Sir Richard DOLL (1912–2005), Epidemiologist
    12 Rawlinson Road, Oxford
  • George Claridge DRUCE frs (1850–1932), Botanist, pharmacist, mayor
    118 High Street, Oxford
  • Daniel EVANS (1769–1846) and Joshua SYMM (1809–1887), Oxford builders
    34 St Giles’, Oxford
  • Mabel Purefoy FitzGERALD (1872–1973) Physiologist
    12 Crick Road, Oxford
  • Philippa FOOT (1920–2010), Moral Philosopher
    15 Walton Street, Oxford
  • Maureen GARDNER (1928–1974), Athlete, ballet teacher
    17 Maidcroft Road, Cowley, Oxford
  • Olive GIBBS (1918–1995), Councillor and campaigner
    Staircase 3, Christ Church Old Buildings, Oxford
  • Gathorne Robert GIRDLESTONE (1881–1950), Pioneering orthopaedic surgeon
    Nuffield Staff Accommodation, 72–74 Old Road, Headington, Oxford
  • Sir Ludwig GUTTMANN (1899–1980), Neurosurgeon
    63 Lonsdale Road, Oxford
  • Grace HADOW (1875–1940), Educationist, community services pioneer
    7 Fyfield Road, Oxford
  • J. S. HALDANE (1860–1936), Physiologist
    11 Crick Road, Oxford
  • Norman HEATLEY (1911–2004), Biochemist, key member of the Oxford penicillin team
    12 Oxford Road, Old Marston, Oxford
  • Dorothy Crowfoot HODGKIN, om, frs (1910–1994), Crystallographer, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry
    94 Woodstock Road, Oxford
  • Cecil JACKSON-COLE (1901–1979), Philanthropist, founding member of Oxfam
    17 Broad Street, Oxford
  • William KIMBER (1872–1961), Headington Quarry morris dancer and musician
    42 St Anne’s Road, Headington, Oxford
  • Thomas Henry KINGERLEE (1843–1928), Major Oxford builder
    The River Hotel, 17 Botley Road, Oxford
  • Sir Leslie KIRKLEY (1911–1989), Humanitarian, Director of Oxfam
    25 Capel Close, Summertown, Oxford
  • Sir Hans KREBS (1900–1981), Biochemist and Nobel Laureate
    27 Abberbury Road, Iffley, Oxford
  • Edmund Arnold Greening LAMBORN (1877–1950)
    Headmaster, local historian, ‘Man of letters’, benefactor
    34 Oxford Road, Littlemore, Oxford
  • Professor James LEGGE (1815–1897), Sinologist and missionary
    3 Keble Road, Oxford
  • C. S. LEWIS (1898–1963), Scholar and author
    The Kilns, Lewis Close, Headington Quarry, Oxford
  • Salvador de MADARIAGA, Statesman, scholar, and writer
    Box Tree House, 3 St Andrew’s Road, Old Headington, Oxford
  • Mary McMASTER (1914–2004), Physiotherapist, founder of St Luke’s Hospital and McMaster House
    Latimer Road, Headington, Oxford
  • Percy MANNING (1870–1917), Antiquary and folklorist
    300 Banbury Road, Summertown
  • Chassar MOIR (1900–1977), Gynaecologist, pioneering researcher, and surgeon
    11 Chadlington Road, Oxford
  • William Richard MORFILL (1834–1909), First Professor of Russian and Slavonic Languages
    42 Park Town, Oxford
  • William Richard MORRIS, Viscount Nuffield (1877–1963), Car-maker and philanthropist
    16 James Street, Cowley, Oxford
  • MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Scanner (1980)
    King’s Centre, Osney Mead, Oxford
  • Dame Iris MURDOCH (1919–1999)
    30 Charlbury Road, Oxford
  • Sir James MURRAY (1837–1915), Lexicographer and Editor of the OED
    78 Banbury Road, Oxford
  • Joan MURRAY (née Clarke) (1917–1996), Cryptanalyst, numismatist
    7 Larkfields, Headington Quarry, Oxford
  • Paul NASH (1889–1946), Artist
    106 Banbury Road, Oxford
  • OXFORD PARK AND RIDE, First enduring Park & Ride bus scheme in the UK, launched in 1973
    Redbridge Park & Ride, Abingdon Road, Oxford
  • OXFORD PLAYHOUSE: First auditorium (1923–1938) and former Big Game Museum
    12 Woodstock Road, Oxford
  • OXFORD UNITED FOOTBALL CLUB, Foundation as Headington F.C. on 27 October 1893
    Britannia Inn, Lime Walk/London Road, Headington, Oxford
  • Walter PATER (1838–1894), Author and scholar, and
    Clara PATER (1841–1910), pioneer of women’s education
    2 Bradmore Road, Oxford
    First isolation and purification byHoward Florey, Ernest Chain, Norman Heatley, & colleagues(1938–1941)
    Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, South Parks Road, Oxford
    First treatment (12 February 1941)
    Former Outpatients Building of Radcliffe Infirmary, Woodstock Road, Oxford
  • Dame Margery PERHAM (1895–1982), Historian, writer, Africanist
    5 Rawlinson Road, Oxford
  • Professor Sir Edward POULTON, frs (1856–1943), Evolutionary biologist, and
    Ronald POULTON (later Poulton Palmer) (1889–1915), Rugby football hero
    Wykeham House, 56 Banbury Road, Oxford
  • Anne RIDLER (1912–2001), Poet, and Vivian RIDLER (1913–2009), Printer
    14 Stanley Road, Oxford
  • Annie ROGERS (1856–1937), Classicist, campaigner for women’s full membership of Oxford University
    35 St Giles’, Oxford
  • ST IGNATIUS CHAPEL (1793), First Roman Catholic church at Oxford after the Reformation
    Angel Court, 91 St Clement's Street, Oxford
  • Sir Charles SHERRINGTON (1857–1952), Neurophysiologist, Nobel Laureate
    9 Chadlington Road, Oxford
  • Sir Francis SIMON (1893–1956), Low-temperature physicist and philanthropist
    10 Belbroughton Road, Oxford
  • Felicia SKENE (1821–1899), Prison reformer and friend of the poor
    34 St Michael’s Street, Oxford
  • John STANSFELD (1854–1939), Parish priest, doctor
    Former Rectory, Paradise Square, St Ebbe’s, Oxford
  • STAR INN, Oxfordshire Yeomanry (1794)
    34 Cornmarket Street (Clarendon Centre), Oxford
    Oxford University Sports Ground, Iffley Road, Oxford
  • Henry TAUNT (1842–1922), Photographer
    393 Cowley Road, Oxford
  • Nikolaas TINBERGEN (1907–1988), Pioneering ethologist, Nobel Laureate
    88 Lonsdale Road, Oxford
  • John Ronald Reuel TOLKIEN (1892–1973), Author and scholar
    20 Northmoor Road, Oxford
  • William TURNER ‘of Oxford’ (1789–1862), Artist
    16 St John Street, Oxford
  • Alan VILLIERS (1903–1982), Master of square-rigged ships, author, photographer
    1A Lucerne Road, Summertown, Oxford
  • Mary Arnold WARD (Mrs Humphry WARD) (1851–1920), Social reformer, novelist
    17 Bradmore Road, Oxford
  • William WILKINSON (1819–1901), Architect
    5 Beaumont Street, Oxford
  • Ivy WILLIAMS (1877–1966), Lawyer and university teacher, first woman to be called to the Bar of England and Wales
    12 King Edward Street, Oxford
  • Anthony à WOOD (1632–1695), Antiquary
    Postmasters’ Hall, Merton Street, Oxford

The rest of Oxfordshire

See the Wikipedia page for the Oxfordshire Blue Plaques Board for a table of all the Oxfordshire plaques outside the city that can be sorted by surname, date of birth/inception, or date of unveiling (just click the grey column headings, and click a second time if you want the most recent unveiling to appear first)

(1) Cherwell (MAP showing sites)
  • Janet Heatley BLUNT (1859–1950), Folk song and morris dance collector
    Le Hall Place, Adderbury
  • William BUCKLAND (1784–1856), Geologist, Dean of Westminster
    The Old Rectory, Islip
  • General Sir Kenneth DARLING (1909–1998), Soldier and General
    Vicarage Farmhouse, Chesterton
  • Sir Terry FROST (1915–2003), Abstract artist
    2 Old Parr Road, Banbury
  • Robert GRAVES (1895–1985), Poet and writer
    World's end, Collice Street, Islip
  • KNIBB: Samuel (1625–c.1670); Joseph (1640–1711); John (1650–1722), Clockmakers
    The Church Room, Claydon
  • Frank LASCELLES (1875–1934), Pageant Master
    Manor House, Temple Mill Road, Sibford Gower, near Banbury
  • William LOGSDAIL (1859–1944), Artist
    The Manor House, Noke
  • William POTTS (1868–1949), Author and editor of the Banbury Guardian
    16 Parson Street, Banbury
  • L. T. C. (Tom) ROLT (1910–1974), Engineering historian, champion of Inland Waterways
    Towpath entrance to Tooley’s Boatyard, Banbury
  • Sir Bernhard SAMUELSON (1820–1905), Industrialist and educationist
    Banbury Library (formerly The Mechanics Institute), Banbury
(2) South Oxfordshire (MAP showing sites)
  • Sir Patrick ABERCROMBIE (1879–1957), Town and country planner
    Red House, Moreton Road, Aston Upthorpe, near Didcot
  • Sir William BLACKSTONE (1723–1780), Judge and jurist
    Wallingford Town Hall
  • Henry BODDINGTON (1813–1886), Brewer
    14 (54) Wellington Street, Thame (site of former workhouse)
  • Alfred CAMPOLI (1906–1991), Violinist
    39 North street, Thame
  • Robin CAVENDISH (1930–1994), Responaut, champion of the severely disabled
    The Old Rectory, Church Lane, Drayton St Leonard
  • Dame Agatha CHRISTIE (1890–1976), Author, with her husband,
    Sir Max MALLOWAN
    (1904–1978), Archaeologist
    Winterbrook House, Cholsey
  • Wytton Perowne D’Arcy DALTON (1893–1981), Champion and protector of Public Rights of Way
    The Limes (formerly Wyverns), Lower End, Great Milton
  • William Henry DINES (1855–1927), Pioneering meteorologist
    The Old Barn (near site of Colne House), Brook Street, Benson
  • James FIGG (1684–1734), Prize Fighter
    The James Figg Pub (formerly The Greyhound Inn), Cornmarket, Thame
  • Humphrey GAINSBOROUGH (1718–1776), Innovative engineer
    Christ Church United Reformed Church, Reading Road, Henley-on-Thames
  • Elizabeth GOUDGE (1900–1984), Writer
    Rose Cottage, Peppard Common, near Henley-on-Thames
  • Frank H. KIRBY, vc (1871–1956), Royal Engineers and RAF
    Wavertree, 18 Lower High Street, Thame
  • Samuel E. SAUNDERS (1857–1933), Boat builder and engineer, pioneer of air and marine craft
    Former boathouse and showroom by the bridge at Goring-on-Thames
  • Jethro TULL (1674–1741), Agriculturalist and inventor of the seed drill
    19A The Street, Crowmarsh Gifford
(3) Vale of White Horse (MAP showing sites)
  • John ALDER (c.1712–1780), Lottery winner and public benefactor
    39 Stert Street, Abingdon (formerly the Mitre Inn)
  • H. H. ASQUITH (1852–1928), Prime Minister
    The Wharf, 43 Church Street, Sutton Courtenay
  • Lord BERNERS, Gerald Tyrwhitt-Wilson, 14th Baron (1883–1950), Composer, writer, artist, eccentric
    Faringdon Folly Tower, Folly Hill, Faringdon (access lane from Stanford Road)
  • Sir John BETJEMAN (1906–1984), Poet, writer and broadcaster
    Garrards Farmhouse, Uffington
  • Edmund BRADSTOCK (d.1607), Local benefactor to the poor
    Orchard House, Church Street, Appleford
  • Raymond FFENNELL (1871–1944), Philanthropist, with Hope his wife and daughter Hazel
    Hill End Centre, Farmoor
  • Kenneth GRAHAME (1859–1932), Author
    Boham’s House, Westbrook Street, Blewbury
  • Roy JENKINS, Baron Jenkins of Hillhead (1920–2003), Politician and author
    Dame Jennifer JENKINS (1921–2017), Conservationist and public servant
    St Amand’s House, Church Street, East Hendred
  • Cecil KIMBER (1888–1945), Creator of the MG marque
    The Boundary House, Oxford Road, Abingdon
  • William PENNEY, Baron Penney of East Hendred (1909–1991), Mathematical physicist and public servant
    Orchard House, Cat Street, East Hendred
  • Arthur Edwin PRESTON (1852–1942), Mayor and Antiquary, Historian of the borough, and restorer of its ancient buildings
    Whitefield, Park Crescent, Abingdon
  • RIPON HALL, former Liberal Anglican Theological College (1933–1975)
    Foxcombe Hall, Boar’s Hill
  • The Revd F. E. ROBINSON (1833–1910), Founding Master of Oxford Diocesan Guild of Bell Ringers
    St Peter's Church, Drayton
  • Daniel TURNER (1710–1798), Baptist Minister, theologian, hymn writer
    35 Ock Street, Abingdon
  • Alfred WHITE (1804–1876), Innkeeper, church bellhanger, founder of Whites of Appleton
    The Greyhound, Besselsleigh
  • Wytham Woods (1942), Bequest
    Keepers’ Hill Car Park, Wytham
(4) West Oxfordshire (MAP showing sites)
  • Mont ABBOTT (1902–1989), Carter, shepherd, storyteller
    Biddy’s Bottom, Fulwell, Enstone
  • ÆLFRIC GRAMMATICUS (c.950–1010), Scholar and teacher, first Abbot of Eynsham
  • Alice Maud BATT (1889–1969), Volunteer nurse in WWI, Albert Medal holder
  • Thomas BEECHAM (1820–1907), Manufacturer of patent medicines
    Beecham Cottage, Curbridge
  • William CARTER (1852–1921), Founder of Carterton
    Town Hall, Carterton
  • The COUNTRYMAN magazine at Burford (1949–2003) AND
    J. W. Robertson Scott (1866–1962), founding editor
    Greyhounds, Sheep Street, Burford
  • Sir Stafford CRIPPS (1889–1952), Statesman and benefactor
    The Village Centre, Filkins
  • Charles EARLY (1824–1912), Blanket manufacturer
    Witney Mill
  • Larcum KENDALL (1719–1790), Watchmaker
    Post Office, 8 Market Street, Charlbury, near site of cottage
  • Barbara PYM (1913–1980), Novelist
    Barn Cottage, High Street, Finstock
  • James Allen SHUFFREY (1859–1939), Artist
    7 Narrow Hill, Woodgreen
  • William SMITH (1815–1875), Blanket manufacturer
    8 Bridge Street, Witney
  • Patrick STEPTOE (1913–1988), Gynaecologist, pioneer of IVF
    52 West End, Witney
  • Revd Edward STONE (1702–1768), Discoverer of the active ingredient in aspirin
    Former Hitchman Brewery, West Street, Chipping Norton
  • General Sir Montagu STOPFORD (1892–1971), Burma Campaign
    Rock Hill, Chipping Norton
  • Reginald TIDDY (1880–1916), Collector of folk plays, local benefactor
    Tiddy Hall (the Village Hall), Ascott-under-Wychwood
  • WESTFIELD HOUSE, Refuge for Basque children (1937–1939)
    Aston, near Bampton

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